NEW! Awesome virtual trips and tours from all over the world: .

New  It's a great list of virtual field-trips for museums, historical sites and landmarks, zoos and other interactive sites! I thought other families would get some use out of it while they're stuck at home


Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Virtual Tour - Get the layout of the building by rotating until you see a green square with the arrow. click on the arrow to go to that hall.  hard to see exhibits - read articles by clicking on images on the right.       

The first is, which is "advertised" as a variety of online resources of the Museum, including stories of aviation and space and interactive activities... enjoy a variety of online programs, stories, videos, activities, virtual tours, and resources directly from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  They've compiled some of their best digital resources and are continually adding new content

The second site is, which is "advertised" as fun and exciting ways to make sure the students and cadets in your life keep learning by binging the wonders of Air and Space to life through videos, hands on activities, games, and more.

National Museum of flight - click on all the links and see still shots of all the aircraft                                         

National Museum of the AF - Move through the museum, get a good look at the exhibits, use search function.  You can look for a specific aircraft/person  that may be tied to a Civil Air Patrol Achievement or check out several aircraft and figure out what they have in common.                                                                             

National Naval Aviation Museum - Click on the white arrows in the blue circles to move. Click on the white "i" in the blue circle for a close up of the aircraft and info on the aircraft.                             

NASA -Take a tour of NASA's Flight Research Center  -Lots of reading - zoom is impressive - check out the latest column on the left

NASA - Take tours of tours of various labs by selecting from a list. Lots of icons to click on. It is worth making the sound work, easy to move and navigate.                                                                            

NASA - Take a tour through Hubble Mission Control by watching several videos, pause/finish one video before starting the next or both will play at the same time. Use full screen mode to see everything discussed.          

NASA - Take a virtual tour of the Langley VA facility  - First of two ways to get to the tour.  Tour is a picture with a pretty good zoom feature and a lot of reading. Very informative links in the reading. Good if you are doing a term paper. Best way to find the "tours" is to type "virtual tours" into the search box in the top right. Best part for me was the "Galleries" Most are free to copy and use.  

NASA - Take a virtual tour of the Langley VA facility - Second of two ways to get there. Scroll down attractions and take this tour. Move from building to building by clicking on the list on the left. Watch the video before clicking on the left and right arrows to see the still pictures.            



Discovery Channel Tours of various places - Scroll down to "Search" and click on the down arrow to the left to find topics. Teacher can find help by following the "Virtual Learning Page" link.  

Discovery Channel - a wide variety of topics including some of the pandering shows but has links to some astronomy stuff listed below.

     - Lots of astronomy stuff including date specific events.                                               - lots of space stuff but I would click on Space Flight and Science and Astronomy in the dark blue banner at the top.                            

A link to 11 other virtual tours of Science Museums  - This is preview and  ad for 11 museums and the links are normal text underlined in brown.              

Scholastic  31 Best Field Trips  - A link to 31 Virtual Field Tours - some better than other. More towards history, and social sciences                                                                

National Geographic - Doing what National Geographic does best, geography and culture.                      

Smithsonian - Natural History Museum - You would think with controls that sensitive you could get close enough to read the exhibits. Some things you can get a good view of and easy to use to do a quick walk through and plan your real visit        

Michigan Science Center - You can work your way through this if you are familiar with the Google maps controls. You can get a good walk through to plan your physical trip but hard to see any of the exhibits or learn from them.

Lone Start Flight Museum - Daily Posts on Instagram and Facebook

Cradle of Aviation Museum  - Scroll down to take the virtual tour

Air Zoo - Aerospace and other science experements

The USS  Hornet - The Hornet played a number of roles in aerospace history. Learn about them

Framingham State University's virtual tour of their planetarium, including a link to the Solar Storm movie/presentation. 

A virtual field trip to Hill AFB to see the F-35, narrated by the 419th Fighter Wing's Vice Commander: