IG Senior Course

The IG Senior Training Course  the academic requirement for the Senior IG specialty track rating and a pre-requisite for the IG College is conducted periodically.

Over two days the students are exposed to lessons in processing complaints and inspections. Group case studies utilizing past IG complaints and inspections are discussed in great detail. Follow on discussions where the groups compare their results with those which actually occurred.


  • Students must have completed either the IG Basic Course (no longer offered, grandfathered if already done) or Both the Inspection Augmentee and Investigating Officer courses. Anyone who needs the IA/IG courses can access them through eServices CAP LMS at LMS Online.
  • Please note that the Inspection Augmentee course requires service on an actual SUI. Contact your wing IG ASAP if you need to fulfill this requirement.
  • CAPF 17 signed by your Wing Commander must be submitted
  • All students need to bring a Laptop computer or tablet (required for class work)

Uniform: any CAP uniform, either military style or corporate, but not including flight suit or BDUs.

All those involved – instructors as well as participants – must submit a completed CAPF 161 to course registrar at check in.

IG Senior Course Planning

Northeast Region offers its IG Senior Course as needed. Please send your interests to Lt Col Don Blumenfeld - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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