Colonel Jack Ozer, Northeast Region Commander

Colonel Jack Ozer joined Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in 1999 along with his sons, Michael and Adam. He became part of Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10 on Long Island and started as its Safety Officer. In 2003, he became commander of Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10 and held that position for two years when he was asked to join Long Island Group as their Emergency Service Officer. In 2007, he became the commander of Long Island Group. He stayed as group commander until 2010 when he was appointed New York Wing Commander and promoted to Colonel. After successfully completing his four year term, he was appointed Northeast Region Chief of Staff which he held until his appointment as NER Region Commander in August 2017.

He is a CAP Command Pilot, CAP Instructor Pilot, Check Pilot Examiner, and Mission Check Pilot Examiner. In addition, he is an Incident Commander 1 and has directed missions, both emergency and non-emergency alike. Colonel Ozer has a master rating in Safety, Command, and holds a senior rating in Emergency Services.

His professional awards include the Gen. Chuck Yeager Aerospace Education Award and Gill Rob Wilson Professional Development Award.  He received numerous awards which include Distinguished Service Award, Exceptional Service Award, Meritorious Service Award and Commander’s Commendations from Wing and Region level.  He attended the NER Staff College and National Staff College.  He also was an instructor at the National Safety College in New Mexico and the NER Staff College in New Jersey.

Colonel Ozer graduated from Empire State College with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Labor Relations from SUNY Stony Brook. His career spans thirty years in Law Enforcement in addition to being an adjunct professor at Dowling College, teaching labor relations. He also worked teaching communications, anti-terrorism and medical emergencies to various police departments and pharmaceutical companies across the US and Puerto Rico.

He is married with two sons, one stepson, and four grandchildren.  He lives in Selden, NY.

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