The Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council

Our Mission:
The mission of the Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council is to hear the voice of the cadets and members of the Northeast Region to improve the cadet programs through new policies, new events, and recommendations to the National Cadet Advisory Council.
What is the Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council?
The Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council is staffed by the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, Recorder, and Senior Member Adviser. The Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council allows Wing Representatives to develop improvements to the Cadet Program as envisioned by the cadets they represent.


NERCAC Teleconference

The NERCAC holds teleconferences on the second Sunday of the month at 2015 hours EDT. Primary and alternate representatives as well as Wing DCPs are all asked to dial into this teleconferece. 

2022-2023 NERCAC Cadet Staff!

Cadet Advisory Council Cadet Staff for the Northeast Region.  We know as the voice of the cadets of NER, you will all serve the council to the fullest.  Semper Vigilans!

  • Chairperson: C/LtCol Gerard Monteiro

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Monteiro is the Chair of the Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council and the Cadet Commander of the General Jimmy Stewart Composite Squadron. Entering the program in 2017, he has staffed numerous leadership activities, including RCLS, encampment, NCO academies, and airmen academies. Before serving as NERCAC Chair, he served as NERCAC Vice Chair, NJWG Primary Representative to NERCAC, NJWG CAC Chair, and NJWG CAC Recorder. Outside of CAP, he is active on his school’s Student Government Executive Board as Treasurer and Board of Education Representative. He loves to hike, cook, and is currently aiming to complete a marathon before he leaves for college, where he plans to major in economics and political science. 

  • Vice Chairperson: C/Capt  Andrew Serrazina

Cadet Captain Andrew Serrazina is the Vice Chairman of the Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council this term. He is a member of the 103rd Composite Squadron in East Granby, Connecticut, where he currently serves as the Cadet Commander. His previous CAC experience includes serving as a squadron representative and Chairman for the Connecticut Wing Cadet Advisory Council, and serving as the Assistant Representative to NERCAC. In his free time, he enjoys broadcasting his high school's sports games, participating on his school's bowling team, and spending time with his pet rabbit.

  • Recorder: C/Maj Rebekah McGarvey

Cadet Major Rebekah McGarvey is the current Recorder for the Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council. She has been in CAP for over five years and has been active in CAC for over three. She started attending CAC as an Assistant Representative to Finger Lakes Group and has served as Recorder for Finger Lakes Group and New York Wing CAC. Outside of CAC, she has attended multiple activities, including four NCSAs, multiple RLCSs, and encampments. She enjoys CyberPatriot and has previously participated for five years. When she is not doing a CAP related activity, she enjoys playing guitar, longboarding, and crafts such as crocheting and sewing. She is working towards becoming an A&P (Aircraft Mechanic) and currently works as an Auto Technician at Valvoline.

CAC Staff

 Monteiro Gerard sm

CAC Chairman
C/Lt Col Luke Pongratz

SerrazinaAndrew sm

Vice Chairman
C/Capt  Andrew Serrazina

McGarvey Rebekah

C/Maj Rebekah McGarvey

Senior Advisor
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