NER Cadet Competition

NCC showcases the full range of challenges in cadet life.  This page presents preliminary information for your planning purposes. 

Teams will consist of 6 cadets and 2 escorts

  • Cadets can be of any CAP grade (cadet officers are allowed to be on the team)
  • Escorts can be of either gender (no requirement for same gender as cadets on the team)

Core Events

  • Indoor Color Guard Practical
  • Outdoor Color Guard Practical
  • Written Exam - Leadership and Aerospace through the Mitchell Award, the CAP Uniform Manual (CAPM 39-1), and the Drill and Ceremonies Manual, (AFMAN 36-2203)
  • CPFT - All 4 events
  • Uniform- Preparation and Spot Inspection


  • Will not be offered at the region level until further notice.

Team scores for overall competition will not include electives.  Electives will be graded separately and receive awards accordingly.

Next NER Cadet Competition


The next Competition will be announced later in 2018.  Contact the NER Director of Cadet Programs for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..