NCC showcases the full range of challenges in cadet life.  This page presents preliminary information for your planning purposes. 

Teams will consist of 6 cadets and 2 escorts

  • Cadets can be of any CAP grade (cadet officers are allowed to be on the team)
  • Escorts can be of either gender (no requirement for same gender as cadets on the team)

Core Events

  • Indoor Color Guard Practical
  • Outdoor Color Guard Practical
  • Written Exam - Leadership and Aerospace through the Mitchell Award, the CAP Uniform Manual (CAPM 39-1), and the Drill and Ceremonies Manual, (AFMAN 36-2203)
  • CPFT - All 4 events
  • Uniform- Preparation and Spot Inspection


  • Will not be offered at the region level until further notice.

Team scores for overall competition will not include electives.  Electives will be graded separately and receive awards accordingly.