JB-MDL (McGuire AFB) - The 2011 Northeast Region Staff College was held at Joint Base - McGuire Dix Lakehurst (McGuire AFB) from 22-29 October 2011.  There were a total of 20 students from 10 wings including Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina.  Fully 30% of the students were from outside Northeast Region.  Northeast Region was represented by Maine (1), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (5), New York (3), and Pennsylvania (4). 

The 2011 NERSC was initially scheduled for the traditional dates in July.  However, due to many summer schedule conflicts it was decided to postpone the RSC to 22-29 October.  Many positive comments indicated that the increased, and varied, attendance was due to the date change.  Consequently, the 2012 NERSC is planned for 20-28 October 2012, also at McGuire AFB.

The capstone project this year was a major effort designed to study why there are often only one or two (or even no) candidates for command jobs, and make recommendations on how to create a pipeline to encourage, identify, train, and mentor potential commanders.  Each seminar produced a staff study that has been passed on to NER and National headquarters.

One addition this year was the evening director’s briefing.  Each evening the seminar leaders presented what was essentially an after action report for the day.  This required the seminars to build this report throughout the day, and then consolidate comments for the briefing – in addition to all their other assignments.  It also provided the student leaders with another leadership and communications opportunity, and made final reports easier.

The 2011 RSC was held at the Airman Leadership School and their support was fantastic as always.  A plaque was presented to the ALS commandant on Friday afternoon in recognition of their many years of outstanding support.  The ALS’ squadron commander, NER/CC, MEWG/CC, NERLO/CC, and PA/NJ state director were in attendance.
Due to the weather in October, the Wednesday Halfway Night social event was held at the Airman’s Firehouse.  This facility had pool, foosball, and ping pong tables as well as air hockey and large screen TVs.  Food and drinks were catered.  A grand time was had by all.

An RSC challenge coin was also designed and approved, employing the new RSC shield.  These coins were presented to the students at a “coining ceremony” at the dining out held on Friday night.  Several awards were also presented at the dining out.  Maj. Michael Anderson was named the class's outstanding student by his peers and was presented the Lamplighter Award.

2011 NERSC Graduates:

Seminar A

Ch. Capt. Randall Matheny PAWG
Maj. Jeffrey Smith PAWG
Capt. Robert Cann NJWG
Maj. W. Tim Nelson MAWG
Capt. Nancy Cowens MIWG
Capt. Michael Lee NYWG
Capt. Walter Vernovsky NJWG
Maj. Michael Anderson NHWG
Maj. Dan Chase LAWG
Maj. Michael Sidman OHWG

Seminar B

Maj. Tom Woods NJWG
Maj. Tom Opalack NER
Capt. Mark Devalos MIWG
Capt. Chris Trotter PAWG
Maj. Paul McDonough PAWG
Maj. Kay Dowling SCWG
Capt. Cyrus Hardy NJWG
Maj. Jane Raymond NCWG
Maj. Franklin Porath NJWG
Maj. Bill Shafer NYWG