23 Attend 2004 Northeast Region Staff College

NORTHEAST REGION - Twenty-three students graduated from the 2004 Northeast Region Staff College was held at the McGuire Air Force Base (N.J.) NCO Academy July 11-17.

Three lieutenant colonels, seven majors, thirteen captains, and one first lieutenant attended the college under the direction of Col. Bryan W. Cooper, former Rhode Island Wing commander and current director of plans and programs for the region.

Other staff members included: Commandant of students - Lt. Col. James Mackey, an Arizona resident who previously served as the region's director of emergency services; curriculum coordinator - Maj. Joe Goldman, New York; assistant curriculum coordinator - Lt. Col.. Gary Metz, Pennsylvania; adjutant to the commander of students - Capt. Joe Wyatt Jr, New Jersey; protocol officer - Lt. Col. Carleton Jones, Massachusetts; finance officer - Maj. Sandra Kehoe, Pennsylvania; Seminar 1 advisor - Maj. Christine St. Onge, Pennsylvania; Seminar 2 advisor - Capt. John Bradley, New York; Seminar 3 advisor - Maj. Jack Ozer, New York; lead evaluator - Capt. Leonard Schindler, New York; evaluators - Lt. Col. Lyle Hawthorn, New Jersey, and Maj. Jo-Ann Perrine, New Jersey; director of support - Lt. Col. Dennis Bannon, New York; logistics - Maj. Antoinette Fischer, Massachusetts; administration - Capt. Richard Simon, New Jersey; audio-visual support - Maj. Ted Shaw, New York; and public affairs - Maj. Stan Skrabut, New York.

Attending the college were:
Maine - Maj. James Jordan, Capt. Douglas Grosso, and Capt. Dennis Murray;
Maryland - Maj. Thomas Troxel and Maj. Kathryn Walling;
Massachusetts - Maj. Jack Forman;
New Hampshire - Maj. Dana Merrill, Capt. Paul Mondoux, Capt. Deborah Moore, Capt John Moore, and Capt. Susan Zoller;
New Jersey - Lt. Col. Andrew Savicky, Capt. Christopher Longueira, and Capt. Kevin Sands;
New York - Maj. Charles Miller, Capt. Sharon Garcia, Capt. Michael Kelly, and 1st Lt. Jacqueline Sturgess;
Pennsylvania - Lt. Col. William Mock, Maj. John Wilson, Capt. Donald Inscho, and Capt. Frank Monaghan;
Virginia - Capt. Peter Jensen.

The Lamplighter Award - presented to the most effective student chosen by the students - was given to Maj. Kathryn Walling, Maryland.

Major Stan Skrabut
Public Affairs Officer
Northeast Region Staff College