Region Government Relations Adviser

The Northeast Region (NER) is seeking Senior Member applicants who wish to apply for the position of Region Government Relations Adviser (GRA).  As the NER/GRA, you will support, advise, guide and in some cases, mentor, the various Wing GRAs throughout the Region.  The Region GRA will be responsible for:

  • The dissemination of information from the National Government Relations Department to the Wing/GRAs.
  • Aid and guide the Wing/GRA’s when needed/requested.
  • Advise and inform the Region Commander and Chief of Staff on government relations matters.
  • Assist in the preparation for the annual Legislative Day events conducted in Washington, D.C. each winter.
  • Duties as assigned

Desired Requirements:

  • Knowledge of government relations.
  • Experience building relationships at various levels within organizations, especially governmental.
  • The ability to communicate with others across the region.
  • Be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws; CAPP 110-1, Federal Statutes Affecting Civil Air Patrol; and all other legislation affecting CAP at local and state levels.
  • Prior Wing/GRA experience is helpful.

Interested applicants can send their resumes and a narrative of why they wish to assume this position and what skill sets they have to be successful in this position to the NER Chief of Staff, Col James Ridley, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 27 November 2021.