The Northeast Region Staff College is an in-residence course designed to prepare members to accept the responsibilities of senior management. That is, to prepare them for leadership and command positions in support of CAP’s many missions, primarily as project officers, wing directors, ICs, and commanders at the group and wing levels.

Continuous Improvement image Following our policy of continuous improvement, the NER Staff College may be a test site for new RSC curriculum. The objective is to enhance the transition from leadership at the unit level to leadership at the group and wing levels. Graduates will manage programs and events at the operational level, analyze information and recommend policy, comprehend key concepts of leading in a volunteer environment, have an understanding of human dynamics, and use a variety of techniques to communicate at all levels.

To accomplish this, NERSC provides students with in-depth studies of management, leadership, and communications skills through seminar discussions, case studies, and practical exercises. The academic environment encourages free expression of ideas as well as independent, analytical, and creative thinking.

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