Dates: 27 Jun to 29 Jun 2018

Scope: Maximum of 10 students

Training locations: Metro Air 255 Padgette St, Chicopee, MA 01022, basement classrooms

Course Description: The Airborne Photographer course includes instruction and hands-on training to complete Advanced Training requirements and fly two sorties toward completion of AP SQTR requirements. NOTE: See prerequisites that must be in place upon your arrival.

Lodging: Flyers Inn, Westover ARB. 1-413-557-2700, when making reservation ensure you state you are with the Civil Air Patrol.

Meals: At your own expense, all rooms have a refrigerator, storage space and microwave. There are several local and franchise establishments 2 miles off base.

Prerequisites: GES, an aircrew rating MS preferred, Familiarization and preparatory training completed, commander approvals in eServices, ICS 100, & ICS 700

Registration cost: $40

Equipment list:  Aircrew headset; CAP imaging laptop/equivalent with appropriate camera memory card reader; FEMA Uploader program installed on imaging laptop; Nikon DSLR, e.g. D7100, D90, with accessories; GPS logger and on-camera sensor [Solmeta on-camera unit does both], with cables to connect to laptop and camera; fresh batteries, chargers, and cables for all devices, including from camera to laptop if laptop has no card reader; iPad/mobile device with mapping capability useful, but not required.