Dates: Mon-Tue 26-27 June 2017

                Scope: Maximum of 20 students

                Training locations: academics in Building 1310 and flying operations out of Metro Aviation

Course Description: The Airborne Photographer course includes instruction and hands-on training to complete Advanced Training requirements and fly two sorties toward completion of AP SQTR requirements. NOTE: See prerequisites that must be in place upon your arrival.

                Lodging: If needed, on-base rooms are available at $44.95 per night to be paid separately.

                Meals: Breakfast and lunch box meals $8 each, hot dinner $13, to be paid separately.

                Prerequisites: Must arrive in supervised trainee status, with *AP on 101 card in your possession.

                Registration cost: $25

                Equipment list: 

Aircrew headset;
CAP imaging laptop/equivalent with appropriate camera memory card reader;
RoboGEO program installed on imaging laptop, and activated with serial number;
Nikon DSLR, e.g. D7100, D90, with accessories;
logger and on-camera sensor [Solmeta on-camera unit does both], with cables to connect to laptop and camera;
Fresh batteries, chargers, and cables for all devices, including from camera to laptop if laptop has no card reader;
iPad/mobile device with mapping capability useful, but not required

                NOTE: Ensure latest updates applied to laptop before arrival, e.g. Windows Update.