sUAS Technician - UAST

Dates: 20 July – 24 July 2023

Scope: Maximum of 20 students

Training location: Hancock Field, Syracuse NY - Proof of vaccination is required. 

Course Description: Lectures and training to provide the member with training toward being a member of a UAS team. Training to include but not limited to flight planning, techniques for visual observation, maintenance of UAS equipment, general map reading and orientation, & image downloading. ORM and how it relates to UAS flights, as well as the security concerns that accompany its operations. . 

Lodging: You may make your own arrangements, however, discounted rates are available but only if booked through NERESA. If you desire a hotel at a discounted rate, send an email to Lt Col Debbi Ozer at: after you have registered for the course you desire. 

The email should include the course you signed up for, what day you intend to arrive and check in, and what day you will check out of the hotel. 

Your reservation will be made for you and you will be informed of what hotel you are assigned on check in to the school. The rates are currently 75 dollars a night. 

Meals: At your own expense. Most of the hotel rooms have a refrigerator, storage space and microwave. There are several local and franchise establishments 2 miles off base.

Prerequisites: GES 116, GES 117 Part 2, ICUT, IS-5A, IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800

Registration cost: $ 25

Equipment list: 

CAPP 70-1U, UAS Interagency Operations Guidelines

Flight and preflight checklist (preferably laminated)

Pen, pencil, & paper

Copy of CAPR 70-1U (digital or paper)