Dates: 30 Jun to 2 Jul 2018

Scope: Maximum of 20 students

Training locations: Westover ARB, Building 1510

Course Description: Course introduces student to the branch level functions of the mission. Will take student through the briefing and debriefing functions, crew monitoring, clue reporting, communications, and releasing of sorties.

Lodging: Flyers Inn, Westover ARB. 1-413-557-2700, when making reservation ensure you state you are with the Civil Air Patrol.

Meals: At your own expense, all rooms have a refrigerator, storage space and microwave. There are several local and franchise establishments 2 miles off base.

Prerequisites: For Air an active aircrew rating. For ground student must be a GTL. Commander approvals in eServices, ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800, ICUT, and CAPT 117 ES continuing education exam part 3 (ground) or part 2 (air). ICS 300 will be needed to complete qualification.

Registration cost: $30

            Equipment list: Laptop recommended loaded with ICS forms