Mission Pilot (MP)

Dates: 25 – 28 July 2023, with 29 July for Form 91s if qualified

Scope: Maximum of 12 students

Training locations: Hancock Field, Syracuse NY - Proof of vaccination is required. 

Course Description: The Mission Pilot course includes instruction/training to complete SQTR requirements and at least two mission sorties towards completion of validation requirements for MP in eServices.

Lodging: You may make your own arrangements, however, discounted rates are available but only if booked through NERESA. If you desire a hotel at a discounted rate, send an email to Lt Col Debbi Ozer at:  dozer@ner.cap.gov after you have registered for the course you desire

The email should include the course you signed up for, what day you intend to arrive and check in, and what day you will check out of the hotel. 

Your reservation will be made for you and you will be informed of what hotel you are assigned on check in to the school. The rates are currently 75 dollars a night. 

Meals: At your own expense. Most of the hotel rooms have a refrigerator, storage space and microwave. There are several local and franchise establishments 2 miles off base.

Prerequisites: GES, MS, TMP (ie Form 5 must be completed), VFR Pilot with 175,200 or 300 hours PIC minimum, age 18, commander approvals in eServices. 

Aircraft Ground Handling, and Aircrew Professionalism courses complete and current. 

ICUT training completed, and practical testing completed.

Ensure that commander's approval to train is already signed off in eServices for prerequisites (GES, mission scanner completed, be 18 years of age, VFR pilot, TMP, and PIC 175 or 200, or 300 hours). Your commander needs to be aware that they will be called when Familiarization and Preparatory tasks are completed. You cannot get into the aircraft to complete advanced tasks if the commander does not sign off that section.

If it is possible, try to complete some of the MP Familiarization and Preparatory tasks prior to coming to school so that you are familiar with what will be expected. 

Also recommended for completion: ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, 50 hours cross-country, CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam – Part 2

Registration cost: $35

Equipment list: Highly Recommended that you bring:

1.     Both a gridded NY and Detroit sectional

2.     An aircrew headset

3.     Pencils, pens and paper