Ground Search and Rescue School

Ground Search and Rescue School

This training event will provide training for Mission Ground Teams. This training will be an intensive combination of classroom and field training that will provide students with the opportunity to complete all requirements for the Basic Ground Team rating to NESA standards.  Maj Scott Murphy will be the Activity Director.

The following ES Specialty course is being offered: 

Basic GSAR: The Basic course covers all tasks necessary to become GTM-3 qualified. This track is for younger participants or those who are new to ground operations. Skills taught include land navigation, electronic direction finding, basic survival and field-craft, basic radio techniques, and first aid/CPR. Basic course students are organized into teams that are led by a GSAR staff member.

 Student Prerequisites:

Cadets Seniors
Curry Achievement minimum Completed Level One
Prior Encampment Preferred
Commander’s approvals for prerequisites and training on GTM3 SQTR
Completed GES, OPSEC
Completed online ICUT training
Completed IS 100b & IS 700a and validated in eServices
Wing Activity Approval